Sunday, February 20, 2011

Center on Halsted

Perhaps one of the most common misconceptions regarding treatment for mental illness is that one type of therapy works best for everyone. As I've quickly learned, it often takes a variety of therapies to assist individuals. Moreover, a type of treatment that may be benefital for one person could be counter-productive for another. Considering the wide variety of psychosocial needs, it is imperative that there are specialized options for indiviudals that reflects their specific issues. This is why a place like Center on Halsted is such an important institution. The Center was founded by Horizons Community Services, a volunteer-based organization that has been providing mental health services for Chicago's LGBTQ community since the mid-1970's. The Center itself has been around since 2007, creating a permanent home for Horizons. The Center provides a multitude of mental health services ranging from more general conditions like anxiety and depression to issues like gender identity and family reltationships. There are also support groups, insturctional classes, and programs for older adult members of the LGBTQ community. I find it amazing that such a progressive institution, with such a noteworthy and noble mission, has been around for so long.

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