Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Conversation: Missing the Point of Mental Illness Discussions

Not sittin’ at the table if you’re bringin’ nothin’ to it.

This sentiment seems simple. But in regards to mental illness, society has proven this concept can be difficult to understand. We need to do something about caring for the mentally ill. The South Bend Tribune pointed this out Thursday in its opinion article, Making Mental Health a Priority.

“Mental illness” seems to have become a household term since the 1999 shootings at Columbine High School, with milestones since then such as the Virginia Tech State University massacre and, most recently, the  killings in Tuscon, Ariz.  last month. The conversation about mental illness—speculation of the cause and effects and occasionally support and healthcare—has become more of a dinner-table discourse rather than a call to action.

To be clear: mental illness has brought the mashed potatoes. It’s time for America to realize we’re missing the gravy.

Support means funding. As the Tribune points out, “At least $2.1 billion has been cut from state mental health budgets in the last three fiscal years.” Clicking the link below is an easy way to contact your state representative to ask for financial support.

-Kate Midden

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