Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Crossing the Line

Recently, Dr. Robert Eizinga, a psychologist from the Tinley Park Mental Health Center has been charged with allegedly manipulating a female patient into performing sex acts in exchange for her release from the facility. He then allegedly gave her hush money.

Patients are supposed to give their complete trust to their psychiatrists. To abuse that trust, is a line that should never be crossed. Not only do patients trust their doctors, but so do the families. Therefore, how is something like this preventable?

Obviously, in Dr. Eizinga's case, it wasn't. He has worked at the state run facility for over 20 years. This incident not only forces a reflection on his career, but on the facility as well.

I wonder how Dr. Eizinga ever passed his mandatory recertification. He also claimed that he is a sex addict. If that is true, he clearly wasn't capable in helping others, especially women.

-Lena Asfour

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