Sunday, February 13, 2011

Film Spreads Light on Stuttering

     Recently, “The King’s Speech” has gotten a lot of press not just due to the quality of the film, but because the Stuttering Foundation has been using it as an opportunity to bring light to the disorder. An article in the Chicago Tribune explains how important the movie has become to the cause.

     Stuttering is not often considered a disorder by those who have encountered it, but according to the Stuttering Foundation's website it is in fact a communication disorder in the brain that genetics, child development, and neurophysiology contribute to.

     The website goes on to say that unlike some other types of disorders, stuttering has little to no connection with emotional or psychological trauma, but it requires extensive therapy including electronic devices or drugs. The disorder cannot be only challenging physically and mentally, but due to the social stigma of the disorder, which can include taunting from peers at a young age, can cause emotional distress as well.

     This recent film is an opportunity to spread the message about this disorder and lessen the stigma attached to stuttering. It can raise awareness in parents and help allow children the opportunity to seek help without the feeling of shame. To learn more on this communication disorder, visit

-Larissa Rymko-

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