Saturday, April 9, 2011

How effective are autism treatments?

Attribution: Norma Desmond

  A Chicago Sun-Times article discussed new findings on treatments for autism. The study was published in the Journal of Pediatrics on Monday.  The findings reviewed both prescription and behavioral treatment plans and their effectiveness in controlling symptoms of the condition.
     The Vanderbilt Evidence-Based Practice Center, who reviewed the findings, and their co-director, found “strikingly little evidence for most of the medications being used” to improve symptoms of autism in young children, according to the article.
     A couple of the medications were seen as effective in reducing repetitive behaviors, according to the article, but only in severe cases. Behavioral treatments were seen to have more positive outcomes.
     Medicating children should be approached with caution, especially now that new findings suggest that medications were not as effective to the treatment of autism as originally expected. In fact, improper treatment for children so young can have negative affects to their overall development.
    Parents should get the opinion of a psychiatrist and properly assess their child’s condition instead of relying solely on pediatric diagnosis in order to ensure the health of their children.

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