Sunday, April 3, 2011

MBSR, It's a mouthful

Think of a relaxing setting, breathing deep and clearing your mind.

It may seem harder than it sounds, but there are people to help. In 8 weeks with intensive training, it is possible to catch onto the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction treatment.

What is it? A mix of yoga and and mindful meditation. Using ancient healing practices is the central idea of MBSR.

The key to this practice is a greater awareness of the body and mind. MBSR is essentially a physiological connection. A greater awareness to unconscious thoughts, feelings and behaviors, that effect emotional health and beyond.

The benefits are not only mental but physical. The martial arts factor has a bit to to with that.

Ultimately, cognitive therapy allows the subject to link negative, depressive feelings, anxiety, even being overwhelmed.

There are a huge variety of reasons people look to MSBR. However, it isn't a one-time deal. Learning how to practice mindfulness is a long-term commitment.

MBSR emerged from the University of Massachusetts Medical Center. There has been much invested into this program, which has been successful.

Looks relaxing...

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