Sunday, April 10, 2011

Newsflash: Addicts need help!

     Attribution: Alexandre Chang

WebMD published an article surrounding a new study that came out explaining that Americans with an alcohol dependency don't realize they need help and don't think that any treatment would help. Out of the 7.4 million adults between ages 21 and 64 who have untreated alcohol abuse disorder, 1.2% believe they could benefit from treatment. And only 7.8% recognize that they need treatment.

Even though this article is informative, it seemed a bit redundant. Of course those with an alcohol dependency do not think they need help or feel that they have a problem.

I also didn't understand how they could determine a person with an alcohol dependency even though they were untreated or undiagnosed.

If anything, this article taught me that there needs to be more awareness about alcohol dependency. People are willing to admit that they occasionally abuse alcohol, but no one admits that they are dependent. The awareness regarding alcohol addiction would serve those around those who are addicts. If a person reads an article with a list of signs pointing out someone who is alcohol dependent, then they would seek help for that individual. I'm surprised there are 7.4 million people in America who are alcohol dependent, yet untreated. This number needs to go down and the way to do that is to appeal to those who surround them.

-Lena Asfour

To read the original article, click here!

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